Owned by Dion Giuliano of Kal Koncepts, The "Last Look" has been called the most photographed minitruck of all time. Check out the next few pages of never before published build photos, and promo pics of this highly modified 1986 Toyota, that changed the way minitrucks were built, and graphics were painted.

No kustom truck is complete without a cover model. This was the one. This truck was photographed by Shaun Carlson, and he took all day in the studio to get it done right. The model went through 4 bikini changes,...and Shaun went through 48 rolls of film. This was the last photo shoot before Shaun left the magazine. Today, Shaun is known for being one of the quickest people alive in a compact. The previous Meguirs car builder/driver with his Ford Focus, he is now the Mopar Poster-Boy. Wherever Shaun has gone, he has had an eye for the leading edge in speed, and kustomizing.

We even brought Shaun over to our shop for another shoot for us. His work can be seen on the cover of Autographics, Minitruckin, and Japan's Cal Magazine. His shots also graced the cover of Craig Fraser's best selling kustomizing book, "Automotive Cheap Trick's, and Special F/X" For the historians out there, the "Last Look" won it's last Best of Show for Kal Koncepts at the 1999 Reso, after coming out of retirement. It was then later purchased from a buyer in Atlanta, GA, where it continued to win awards on the East coast, including Best Paint at NOPI in 2001. Just goes to show you,..you can't keep a good truck down. Where it is now,.....only time will tell.

Below are just 5 of the covers that the Last Look has gotten in the last decade.

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