Owned by Dion Giuliano of Kal Koncepts, The "Last Look" has been called the most photographed minitruck of all time. Check out the next few pages of never before published build photos, and promo pics of this highly modified 1986 Toyota, that changed the way minitrucks were built, and graphics were painted.

With the negative space graphics masked off, the first of the 13 colors were then masked and sequentially painted. Each color took longer then a normal graphic job, since the majority of the colors used extended not only through the door jambs, but also along, and through the bed, and even underneath the truck onto the floorpan.
While it took only a week for the graphics to be laid out, and roughed in, it took an additional two weeks for Craig Fraser of Air Syndicate to airbrush in all the effects, pearled fades, lettering, murals, and to assist Ron Beam in the pinstriping. As a group effort the paintjob took more individual man-hours then any other paintjob before, or since at Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate. We figured there was over 5 miles of tape used in masking off these graphics. The vehicle also had to be cleared in different stages because of the amount of surface artwork.
In keeping with the "Racer-Boy" Nipon, (Japanese) theme of the truck, we included large amounts of Konji characters throughout. Not only as functional lettering, but also as graphc elements. The rear carbon fiber airdam panel has "House of Kolor" spelled out in Konji to make our main sponsor, "HoK" happy. This truck was not only used in there ads for 5 years, but was also the first minitruck to be shown in Custom Rodder, Rod and Custom, and Hot Rod, (It wasnt featured, but it was in the House of Kolor "Ain't it Kool" ad campaign during those years. Notice the graphics going over the rear fuel-cell hatch. This moveable lid not only hid the fuel cell, but also the airtanks, and compressors for the airbag system.

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