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Here is a demo of a chopper that I painted up last year. The style of artwork is a tribute to HR Giger, and his incredible creation of the biomechanical asthetic. Unlike Giger, these rendition is done using blue kandies. This entire bike was painted with House of Kolor. Hope you enjoy it.

Paint on!!


The first step is to layout the basic graphic that is going to be the skeletal framework for the Biomechanical airbrushing. .

With the graphic sprayed in with basecoat HoK white, I unmask it, and sketch in the biomech design using a simple piece of chalk.

Using my trusty Eclipse CS Kustom, I complete the sketching of the design with the same white. hard to see where the freehand begins, and the masking ends,...That is the idea.

With the tank white done, I mount the tank, to finish the rest of the bike. This helps keep the continuity of design that is necessary for a full mural job.

With the base white airbrushing finished, I come in with my TH-3 trigger gun, and layer in a coat of KK-04/SG-100 Intercoat clear. Some areas will get more kandy then others, to increase the sense of depth.

The monochromatic blue gives us a killer base color to work with, but the mix of KK-04 Oriental Blue, and KK-17 Violette is what helps me get the killer detail. Here you can see I have stepped up to useing my Micron C+ Kustom. Gotta use the best when you need that tight detail..

With the airbrushing done, Dion finishes off the job with a flawless coat of UFC-35 clear, and his trusty LPH-400 LV spraygun.

Here you can see a kewl closeup of the bike assembled, and a distance shot. Notice the kustom painted primary belt. It actually does hold up to daily ridden abuse. The trick is to clearcoat with SG-100, and not a catalyzed clear. Good luck, and have fun.

Please EMAIL any comments, or requests you may have.

"Paint to live, live to paint"




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