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Owner & Principal Airbrush Artist for Air Syndicate Studios:

Educated in Architecture, and Aero Engineering: Craig Fraser started Air Syndicate as an airbrush studio in Firenze, Italy in 1990. Upon Returning to the U.S., Craig hooked up with Dion Giuliano of Kal Koncepts fame in 1992. Craig is now the in-house airbrusher, pinstriper, and co-designer for Kal Koncepts. For the past decade Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate has been a driving force in the automotive, and motorcycle kustom paint industry. Some of Air Syndicate's previous clients include: "Jesse James" West Coast Choppers, Arlen Ness, House of Kolor, Colorado Custom, Trenz, General Motors, Ford, Daimler Chrysler/Viper, Bones Concepts, Rick Dore, and many others. Craig has been the designer for Kal Koncepts from their first cover feature in 1992, and is in for the duration. "There have been a lot of painters, and workers that have gone through our doors, the benefit of our partnership is that we know the importance of each others contributions. What we have done in the last decade has been a team effort." "I love it when the competition counts us out,...that's usually bout the time another cover hits the newstand,..heheheh"

Craig is also a free-lance automotive Photo-Journalist, and has worked for such publications as Autographics Magazine, Hot Rod, Truckin, Lowrider, Minitruckin, Streetrucks, Airbrush Art+Action Magazine, and Airbrush Action. He also pens the advice columns: "Paintbooth" for Streetrucks Mag, and "Paintime" for Autographics. The author of the best selling kustom paint book, "Automotive Cheap Tricks, and Special FX" , and the recently released, "Pinstriping Masters": Craig has over a dozen how-to videos currently on the market, with new self-produced DVD's currently being released. Craig created the hands-on automotive workshops that he taught in Airbrush Action's getaway series for over 8 years. A certified instructor for Valspar, House of Kolor, and PPG. he currently continues to teach hands-on workshops for Coast Airbrush, House of Kolor, Iwata/ASET, and AIWA, both here, and overseas.

Craig also continually developes new airbrush products through Coast Airbrush, and kustom stencil designs through Artool Inc. Craig credits the key to the success of Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate being three tier: Quality, Innovation, and Diversity. By contantly searching for new aspects, venues, and mediums in the kustom paint industry, Craig, and Dion have kept ahead of the competition, and will continue to challenge the boundaries of the kustom kulture. "This industry is what you make of it. If all you want to do is sit around and hold court,....You'll get what you deserve,...ridicule". To make it in kustom painting, you have to be constantly pushing the envelope. Don't worry about the competition, just paint, and let them worry about you!

Keep an eye out for Craig's new hands-on workshops for graphics, murals, and pinstriping coming to your local ASET/Iwata jobber, or vocational school near you. The events calendar on this site will keep you informed of any upcoming seminars, or workshops in your area, as well as the hands-on mural, and graphics workshops taught through Coast Airbrush. (714)-635-5557 Craig is also putting together the sequel to his first kustom paint book. Keep an eye out for it at a jobber, or Barnes, & Noble near you.

Air Syndicate Inc.

5501 Aldrin Ct. #A
Bakersfield, Calif. 93313

Barefoot primer technique: Circa 1979

Some of Craig Fraser's Previous Clients Include:

House of Kolor/Valspar
General Motors
Ford Motor Company
Rick Dore Kustoms
Jesse James West Coast Choppers
Arlen Ness Inc.
Riff Raff Custom Choppers
Coast Airbrush
CoProNason Gallery
Air Ride
Fender Guitars
Colorado Custom Wheels
Jon Kosmoski
Whipple Superchargers
Soft Trim Interior
Scott Jacobs
Wyoming Tech Institute
Monster Garage
Discovery Channel, "BIG"

Truckin Magazine
Streetrucks Magazine
Airbrush Action Magazine
Autographics Magazine
Art + Action Magazine
Airbrush Art Magazine Italy
Minitruckin Magazine
Lowrider Magazine
Hot Rod Magazine
Hot Bike Magazine
Centerline Wheels
Littlefield Superchargers
Trenz Manufacturing
DeBerti Designs
Bone's Concepts
McGauphy's Classic Chevy
Cosmic Airbrush
Local Motion Graphics Bermuda
JHodge Surboards
Ed Roth
Medea Inc.
Ebonite Inc.
Dupont "Hot Hues"




Check Out Some of Craig Fraser's Kustom Airbrush Stencil Designs:

Available at an "Artool" Jobber near you!

!!!Check out the Build Pics of the "Last Look" Show Truck!!!

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