"We put the "K" in Kustom Paint!"

Kurtis Kraft became Kal Koncepts in 1986 when Dion Giuliano purchased the company from Arlen Kurtis. Kal Koncepts picked up the kustom aspect of the automotive industry from where Kurtis Kraft left off in racing. Where Kurtis Kraft was a major name in the Indy, and Midget racing scene, Kal Koncepts has become an even larger player in the kustom paint industry. Hooking up with graphic designer, pinstriper, and airbrush artist, Craig Fraser in the early 90's: Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate has dominated the paint scene for the past decade. Known for innovative graphic designs, leading edge airbrushing, and concourse quality paint work: Kal Koncepts has made it a point of order to specialize in a number of areas of the kustom industry, thereby giving them name recognition across the spectrum of kustom paint. With over 50 covers, and 200 magazine features in the past decade, Kal Koncepts sets the pace for kustom innovation in the automotive industry. Whether it be minitrucks, sportrucks, hot rods, choppers, lowriders or anything else on wheels, Kal Koncepts has consistantly created show-stopping kustoms at realistic prices.
Dion Giuliano and his daughter Gabby after recieving the Jr. Dragster Track champion award. In 2002 Gabby was both track champion, rookie of the year, and third in the nation at the nationals in Denver. For 2003 Gabby came in second in points at the track, made the semi finals in Denver and as a member of Team Racer Girl, won the national team title. Kal Koncepts/KGB are active sponsors of NHRA Jr. Dragster Racing, and have painted the best appearing car at the nationals for Two consequetive years.
Dion Giuliano, owner of Kal Koncepts, and Nino Brown, of the Mob Shop. Fabrication, and welding specialist for Kal Koncepts. A number of top painters, and fabricators have gotten there start working with Kurtis Craft throughout the decades, and Dion has kept that tradition alive with Kal Koncepts. You don't stay on top by living in the past, but by constantly looking to the future. If you sit on your ass in the kustom paint industry the only thing that gets large is what you're sitting on. Competition is the name of the game, and Kal Koncepts plays it well, by working with the top players in the kustom kulture.
The newest member to the Kal Koncepts Krew is Brandon Lambie. The owner, and operator of Black Sheep Kustoms, Lambie brings his fabricating, and bodywork skills to the table. A veteran car/truck kustomizer, Lambie was also the fabricator reponsible for a number of kustom vehicles debuting at SEMA. (Notably the radical bodywork seen on the Tiburon's in the past Hundai booths). No longer behind the scenes, Lambie has recieved a number of magazine credits in the past year with KKAS, including the dual SEMA cover for SEMA 2006 with the House of Kolor Cobalt, and AutoAir Fusion. Lambie is also the current president of Subversive car club. (Keeping in in-house minitrucker keeps the industry in perspective for us) Keep an eye out for more innovative kustoms with his trademark skills.


With previous clients such as Dodge/Viper, General Motors, Ford, Colorado Custom Wheels, Trenz, House of Kolor, Arlen Ness, and West Coast Choppers: Kal Koncepts will continue to be a driving innovative force in the kustom paint industry for quite a while. Don't be fooled by the Kopycat Kustomizers in the industry. For the Kal Koncepts "Look" you need to come to the source.
We hope you enjoy the site, and look forward to working with you, and making your kustom dreams come true.

Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate

5501 Aldrin Ct. #A, Bakersfield, CA. 93313 (661)-833-8486


!!!Check out the Build Pics of the "Last Look" show truck!!!

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