Owned by Dion Giuliano of Kal Koncepts, The "Last Look" has been called the most photographed minitruck of all time. Check out the next few pages of never before published build photos, and promo pics of this highly modified 1986 Toyota, that changed the way minitrucks were built, and graphics were painted.

Notice the mini-murals even expanded from the rollcage, and the hood onto the floor. This one depicts a small group of painters trying to catch a painter that was working up on the dash,......as you can tell,..they missed him when he fell. Notice the Speed Marine fire extinguisher, and matching gold anodized, "oh shit" handle on the rollcage bar. If NasTruck ever went mini,...Kal Koncepts was ready.
From this angle you can see the continuous graphics in the doorjamb,..as well as the kustom painted seat backs. only the seating area was upholstered,..the rest was all paint.
Notice the emergency knife mounted to the cage. To be used in case of seatbelt release failure, this knife was actually a WWII bayonette that was powdercoated to match the paintwork. The seat mounts, and door latches were also powdercoated a matching purple. Kustom all the way!

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