Owned by Dion Giuliano of Kal Koncepts, The "Last Look" has been called the most photographed minitruck of all time. Check out the next few pages of never before published build photos, and promo pics of this highly modified 1986 Toyota, that changed the way minitrucks were built, and graphics were painted.

Even small fenderwell panels were fabricated from Carbon Fiber. The rims were original One-Off Boyd Tri-fin 17's. Not only were they Boyd's,. but there were the actual Tri-Fins off of Boyd's personal Ferrari. The offset was huge to help them clear the Ferrari Brake calipers. This helped in allowing the "Last Look" to not only lay frame, but when lifted on stands, the wheels could lift almost 2-3 inches higher, laying hub all the way around. While 17's are considered common place today, remember that this truck premiered in 96 on the show circuit. These were the baddest rims around at the time.
Even the door panels were fabricated out of Carbon Fiber, and painted with the matching flow-through graphics. the only fabric interior in the truck was on the roll cage, the seats, and the armrests. Even the rollcage had mini-murals throughout telling a story.
The Nitrous bottle got the same treatment as the rest of the truck. The race seats were hadmade from Kurtis Craft race-boat bucket seats, and equipped with Jaz 5 point harnesses. Since no speed equiptment was available for minis back in the day, much of the go fast goodies were modified from the Speed Marine race boat catalog.

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