Owned by Dion Giuliano of Kal Koncepts, The "Last Look" has been called the most photographed minitruck of all time. Check out the next few pages of never before published build photos, and promo pics of this highly modified 1986 Toyota, that changed the way minitrucks were built, and graphics were painted.

The "Last Look" started out as a thrashed 1986 shop truck. After being salvaged from a butcher shop that unsuccessfully tried a bodydrop: Dion Giuliano brought in Shaun Carlson to finish the drop, and set up the airbags. The airbag system in this mini was the first one shown in a step-by-step in Minitruckin mag back in 1995. The interior was finished with a handbuilt rollcage. The flooring, dash, and all interior panels were finished up with molded carbon fiber panels. Notice the clean floor mods done for the bodydrop. The entire underside was skinned in aluminum that was later painted to match the exterior graphics.
The engine cage extends throughout the firewall, and joins the frame. Notice the handmade brackets that replace the need for a core support. The front end was to look like a race ready spec truck. This truck was built when the first Nastrucks were appearing at exhibitions, we wanted the mini to look the same way. Notice the carbon fiber valance below the window. The words on the back cab wall are not painted, that is the underlying carbon fiber that was masked off when the interior was painted yellow. The yellow hid the seams of the carbon fiber, and reinforced areas. We only let the carbon fiber be exposed in the areas that would look the best. Plus it lets people know how much CF there was in this build. Approx. 12 Linear yards.
To start the graphics, we mocked the entire truck up, to be sure that all the gaps were lined up, and perfect. The truck had to be completely assembled for the graphics to flow perfectly throughout. Craig Fraser drew up a number of renderings before Dion picked the one that he wanted to go with. This truck had to stand out in the crowd,..so we took a lot of risks with the graphics. the masked areas are the negative spaces where the graphics would not go. The Last Look was one of the first paintjobs that Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate did to utilize the base color as a working negative space graphic. This style of design was later to become a standard for them, and the majority of the industry.

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