Craig Fraser's Artool Stencils
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(Because airbrushers cannot live by skulls alone)


Okay, I lied,...there are a few skulls to be found outside of the skullmaster series. Tiki-Madness is the original tiki-stencil, and comes with a kewl repeating bamboo sequence, so that you can give your tiki's the home they deserve The tikis, skulls, or bongos can all be used simply as a spray stencil, or with a little freehanding,...who knows. !


Brainiac is one of the few stencils that looks like crap unless you actually do some additional freehand airbrushing. It is more of a template, then anything. It will help you to lay out the difficult to render positve linework of brains, intestines, or,...I don't know,...cauliflower. After the design is sprayed in, connect the lines with thin linework, then render in the shades, and shadows to give depth, and realism. The final step would be the white highlights in the center of each,....brain tube,...or whatever! Good luck.


Another self-titled stencil, confusion here. The large holes on the bottom are for the "innies" or entrance holes. For a painted surface, this would be the disk of paint that pops off from the impact, and indent. Paint it silver. The holes above it are the actual bullet hole, paint this black. Add a little shadowing, and smoke,...instant bullet hole. The ones above those are the furls for the "Outies", or exit holes. The next holes are for concrete,...then there is a shotgun blast, and shot out window to round out the whole thing. The sides of the stencil are for hardlining your smoke furls, the half circles are to mask off the bottom of the bullet hole for your smoke. If these can't give you the desired effect, just get a 9mm and blow your artwork away.


Appropriatly titled,..though the original name was "Kid Rock Cheetah Pimp". I didnt want to pay royalty fees, and I am deathly afraid of a 100 lb white boy from detroit. (Even more since bikerboyz) Anyway,....lay this sucker on the subject to be pimped, and spray. A prefer a background fade, and then hit the spots with a violet, or transparent kandy black mixture. By the way, all of you, whose mother dresses with outfits in this pattern,...sorry for the insult. But I feel she is probably used to it by now.


What may look like a simple blob to you, actually a very carefully laid out stencil. You may not realize it, but every major shape shown here in the negative, is also cut out in the positive here too. That way you can render in the clouds, and if need be, masked them off, and mess with the background too. This stencil is also killer for smoke effects, and airbrushing space scenes, and gas nebulas. So go nutz.


I actually made one of these templates by hand over 15 years ago,, is definitely worth the price not to have to cut it out. This is also the only non-hand drawn stencil in the bunch. I wanted to keep the actual hand painted look, but digitizing my own sketchs, and not rendering them digitally,...but this one needed to be laid out exact. While the pattern may not be hand painted, the individual diamonds are. So there is just enough error in the stencil for all you Chaos/Fractal guys out there. Simply spray transparent black over silver, and add white highlights,....taa daa Diamond Plate.



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